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Coaching and Troubleshooting Problem Areas

I provide consults for education on discipline from ages two to teens. Discipline is an important part of parenting your child to adulthood. My discipline program focuses on positive parenting. With my program I guide and direct you in the way of being an authoritative parent. This style is for the parent who wants to know your child's heart and raise them to be their own individual person. This style blends a caring tone with guidance, structure and consistent boundaries and limit setting. I believe this style fosters healthy relationships. I help you to create a home environment guiding your child to become caring, confident and responsible adults. We are raising our children to be adults, all stages require some form of discipline.  My program focuses on empathy, good communication, respect, and good relational values. We will troubleshoot together any challenges you may be dealing with in the complicated world we live in. We will work with your particular family and your individual strengths to create lifelong skills and develop healthy relationships.

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