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Sleep Training

Teaching your child good sleep habits is one of the most important skills you can teach them for healthy growth and development. My sleep training program is created for those parents who want independent sleepers in their own beds. My program does not work for a family bed or attached parenting style. For example if you want to sleep in the same bed or wear or hold your child while sleeping this will not work for my program. This does not mean these styles are wrong, it just does not work with my sleep program. My sleep program is a cry it out program. I keep crying to a minimum with the tools and techniques I give you. I teach you as a parent to train your child and we go through a detailed history before beginning to make sure we have a healthy child. I give you one-on-one support as you go through the process and give nap plans and logs to follow. Most children are trained if you are CONSISTENT within 1-2 weeks. I begin to teach good sleep habits as early as 6 weeks. If you start early there is literally no crying it out. It is never to late to teach your child good sleep habits. I also work with older children and their sleep issues as well. 

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